Lava Investments Corp

Export - Import Services

Lava Investments, Corp.

Providing South America with the following products:

- Cattle Export / Import

Property Rentals

14 Rental Properties

Construction Services 

Quification and Supervision


Mutual Assurance Coral Gables, LLC.

Horse Therapy and Rehabilitation

Creciendo con Angeles, Inc.

Children are born different; they have a special gift or intuition that is locked in.  Horses help them heal by tapping into their intuition uncovering their own special gift and unlocking their potential.  Creciendo con Angeles is an Enterprise offering the opportunity to have a place for our children to explore and develop their abilities through the interaction and love from and for horses.



A South Florida company dedicated to diligently manage and coordinate excellent performance in the generation of services in the following industries:

Export-Import, Property Rentals, Insurance, and Horse Therapy and Rehabilitation.